Featured on Right At The Fork - Podcast #379

Featured on Right At The Fork - Podcast #379

#379 Lindsay Gott - Gateaux & her Hood River, Oregon Food and Drink Recommendations

We head east to enter into a conversation with Lindsay Gott, who is growing a tasty brand of frozen baked goods, Gateaux, from Hood River, Oregon.

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Lindsay worked at one of the world's powerhouse ad agencies for years, when she had the calling to cook, and found her way to Paris and Le Cordon Bleu and then cooking in excellent restaurants like Chez Panisse.  Knowing she didn't want to work in restaurants, per se, she fell in love with a man from Oregon and moved north from the Bay Area, eventually selling her goods at a local Hood River farmers market.  From there, she opened a deli and bakery.  Then, the pandemic storm hit and she began developing and honing her frozen goods for retail sales.  Now her Gateaux cakes can be found in grocery stores throughout the Northwest, including Zupan's, and now Lindsay has eyes on new, larger markets.  Lindsay takes through her journey from concept, selling, naming, packaging, producing, and more, right to grocer's freezer case, to table.  

Right at the Fork listeners will also benefit by Lindsay's 20 years of food loving in Hood River, as she shares over a dozen of her favorite places to imbibe in the area.


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